Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School kids

Zurich has felt so left out about Olea going to school the last few years, him waiting till he was old enough for Kindergarten seemed so cruel. Especially since his birthday is in November. So when I was informed about VPk I knew this was the cream for Z. He's been SO thrilled since we told him he was going to go to school this year after all. After a week of school he is still excited about it.

So the first day of school:

At his school: And I don't want to forget how my excited, confident little boy turned to walk down to his classroom and turned back to me and shrugged lifting his hands like, "I'm kinda nervous, come on Mom, what am I supposed to do? I'm a big boy, I can do this, but I need a little direction."

 After school snack

(ignore the messy kitchen, it was a busy day with just these two finding new ways to entertain themselves)

After a week the kids report loving school and Zurich has a girl "That is in love with [him]" but pretty sure he's in love with her. :)

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  1. CUTE! I love hearing about Zurich and this girl that loves him! what's VPk? Is he in Kindergarten?