Monday, March 31, 2008

Shoot patoot and music fruit

Gary helps Olea shoot, Olea adores this stuff
and Gary does well to include her.
Me, with two teachers... I have done it before,
and am not bad, just couldn't remember how to get it all ready.
Mike, Cyndi and my mommy
Coretta, Lilly, Mike, Cyndi, and Dani.

Before my surgery we went to the hills with our friends Cyndi and Mike for some bow fun. We even got my lovely mother to try it. She is the only one of us who remembered her camera, which had low batteries, though Cyndi and I got our cameras out to take, we had our minds on children, and thus forgot the cameras. (the children all made it, success!) It was pretty cold and windy so we girls took the kids back early and left the guys to the guns.
We were trying to get Gary and Mike to "Indian shoot" on one leg, but Gary couldn't figure it out under pressure, it was most humorous to me. He makes me laugh too much. Lately with the surgery sites healing laughing rather hurts and I just can't pretend Gary isn't funny.

The other day Gary told me he read something about people getting addicted to Lortab, a pain med I am currently taking. This of course gets my mind going... but last night I couldn't go to sleep (and hadn't taken a Lortab) and so I was like, "Gary I can't got to sleep, am I addicted?"
"No, he wouldn't have perscribed you enough to get addicted."
"Then how to people get addicted?"
"Go to sleep."
but I want to know.

I am listening to Gina's play list at the moment and it is reminding me of getting the MRI. I listened to a Micheal Buble album and it was interesting to concentrate through the noise of the MRI to listen to the music. I think now I will most often remember the MRI when I listen to him. It seems that way with music, I attach quite a memory to the first or at least most memorable time when I heard the song or album. Like Bon Jovi's new song Everyday: Gary and I were at Down East Outlet buying maternity shirts. Rush, Spirit of Radio, sitting in my parent's basement listening to my Dad's records, he liked to collect them and he had Spirit of Radio. Queensryche Hear in the new frontier: the bedroom I shared with my sister while we were in High school, standing next to our bunk bed chatting with her while she looked at the lyric book. Peter's Girl, by a Twin Falls local group called Standards: Gary sang it to me when he proposed outside of the Logan temple on the night of our sibling Gingerbread house party. Ginblossoms 29, when I shared a room with my second oldest sister Derolene, right after she got her new stereo listening to the album with her. Mr.Big, To be with you: curled over a small tape player with Lindi in the middle of our bedroom floor when I was in third grade. Lindi had just bought the tape album and we were totally killed by how "noisy" the music on the rest of the album was. I also believe this was before we replaced the carpet in that room.

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  1. Funny how music does that, eh? I've got some very vivid memories tied up with certain songs too...although, most of them deal with traveling, etc. (Like "Amanda" and a few other select songs will forever remind me of my Vancouver road trip).

    Cute pic of Olea and Gary, by the way. Looks like fun times!