Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Me and my girls. I made us all matching jammies over the years. They are all a little different and I made the patterns. Olea's is a night dress that as she got older I made capris that go under it so it works as she grows (since the girl only gets taller not any thicker). Genève's is a baby jammie bag, (which as she gets older I can remove the elastic from the bottom and she has a night dress) and mine has a top pannel to cover nursing access. They each have gathered neck and sleeves and a black bow in the front. I put a black bow in the front of Olea's pants so she knows front from back. They are lovingly referred to as our "princess monkey jammies."

Olea just opened a bill from the mail and said, "Look Mama, we got a free new envelope, isn't that great?!"
Ya, it's so great I am going to use it to send all of our money away to pay a medical bill.
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  1. OK, no fair hogging all the talent! Those are super cute and I love how you can change them around when they grow. Also congrats on the free envelope! You must be very excited!

  2. Well THERE'S the sliver lining! A free new envelope! -Funny. :)

    You and your sewing, girl! You're so talented!