Thursday, May 7, 2009

Success and failure

So lots of people have told me that three was the hardest when it comes to having kids.
I guess I was warned.
But do warnings really stop us from all the success and joy that could be had for a serious amount of effort?
Reminds me of a sign I saw in Oregon.

Ok... good, what? am I supposed to do something?
I've been warned but I can't do anything about it because I am on the road now and can't turn around. Besides this is the road that leads to my destination, so, I go forward and appreciate the warning.
So we're adjusting.
Olea watches more movies than she used to... (which I have plans to do something about)
Zurich gets away with more because I just don't have the hands.
Genève has a diaper rash...
And that's okay.
Stretch a little.

Zurich has some nice bruises from his stretching...

and I lowered my own thyroid replacement because I could tell I was getting major anxiety though that may be due to current events and I just wasn't handling it well due to thyroid levels... either way:
Plants knocked over multiple times, sat on etc. by Zurich...
Then the washing machine broke and it's out of warranty. But I was sure I knew what the problem was... (according to my mother in law, I have a sixth sense) and Bless Gary for proving me right and getting the thing running again. Somehow a nursing pad got stuck in the drain pump. (and yes, that's what I told Gary I thought it was). Look how much fun he's having! yay.

Everyone crying at the same time.
Lots of things going undone for days...
Not getting dinner made
I could go on, but anyone who has kids or ever been around kids for a period of time can imagine what else has stressed me the past weeks.

But I am grateful:

Even if they don't say it....


  1. you just made my day.
    seriously. not because you have been stressed out, because it assured me that i'm not alone.
    you are a supermom i swear. even if you don't feel like one.

  2. But wouldn't your life be incredibly boring without those 3 adorable kids of yours? :) What a life!

  3. Okay all that I can say is that I love you. YOu have such a way with words that just makes me smile. My sister just had her fourth and I just left and am a little concerned for her sanity for the next few weeks. Makes me not too anxious for another...but what the joy they are. And what amazing feelings from heaven. Good luck and you are awesome! Camie

  4. Good for you, allowing yourself the successes and failures of your new life with 3 children. It's okay if the tv stays on a little longer, or you order pizza instead. Keep being patient with yourself. We all think you're doing an amazing job!

  5. I think you're a winner, all the way!