Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This never happens...

Olea NEVER sleeps in the car.
Olea NEVER takes naps.

But today. Gloria. She did.
This is good, because Olea was being a "turkey" this morning.
I could tell she was tired. Wonderful.
All three of them fell asleep.
Genève was no surprise but Zurich was, he usually doesn't fall asleep in the car either.

However, I feel guilty when my kids sleep in the car.
I feel guilty that I think it's so great that they are asleep and quiet and restrained.
I feel guilty that their heads all are drooped over, it makes my neck sore just looking at them.

Zurich had his 18month check.
I immunize my kids. Don't try to convince me otherwise.
He didn't even flinch at the shot. That's my boy. Then he came home and his sister kicked him off the ottoman and then he bent over to get a bottle of lotion and miscalculated where the bed was in relation to his head... and smacked himself right on the brow... bad. Poor kid.
At least he was bruise free for the doc this morning.
He's about 22 lbs and yes his head is in a totally different percentile than his body. Head.
But he's a smarty with over 35 words in his regular use vocabulary.


  1. Hooray for napping children!

    And I'm with you on the Immunization thing. Completely.

  2. Wow! That's a lot of words for 18 mos. I agree with the head kinking thing. It must not affect them as much as it would us.

  3. We have a son with a head like that. I'm guessing it is a gene carried somewhere in the Loughmiller chromosomes. Hes doing well in school so this is not necessarily a bad thing, just more room for his brain to kick around in.