Tuesday, May 12, 2009

P.S. Diaper Rash

As a reminder to myself to tell my sister... (Who I can't call at the moment because I am on hold with Hospital Financial Services) who called asking about diaper rash and I told her I hadn't recently had that problem with my little ones... the next day Genève got one... pretty bad. She'd had it at least a week and a half as I tried to figure out how to ease it.

So now I have cured Genève's diaper rash.

A+D ointment in and of itself wasn't working. Desitin wasn't either... and even less. I tried a few other things as well... But what worked is what is important so I am skipping right to that.

After diapering dry off their little bum and apply A+D (the gold one) and then liberally apply Johnson's Baby Powder Medicated. I think it took a day to two days to completely clear it up being really consistent and quick on the diapers. I feel better, I assume Genève does. :)
JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder with Aloe & Vitamin E Medicated


  1. Remind me about this when I have children one day...

  2. yes! the powder holds the cream on.
    my kids used to get it SO bad. if this ever fails on you, i have a seriously gold recipe if you want to try it too...
    equal parts of malox (original unscented) and aquaphor. the malox heels the rash and the aquaphor keeps it from getting worse. crazy i know.

  3. sOh! The best best diaper rash cream I have found is either Aveeno, or Burt's Bees. They really work wonders. A&D and Desitin never do anything for me. I had to do that maalox thing when my daughter had a yeast rash and it really helped a lot. I mixed it with both, the Aveeno and the aquaphor (separate mixtures to see which worked best). They were both awesome.