Thursday, April 29, 2010


So the other day Olea was having spring pictures at school. So I took the babies in, no risk right? I don't like the proof, I don't buy it. I can handle that. And it was over FAST. Which is good. But I didn't think they probably got a great one of Nev because she was so confused at what was going on. So I came home and realized the lighting in my bedroom was pretty dang awesome with all the windows and overcast sky. So, I used my butterfly blanket (thanks Cyndi) as a backdrop and tried to get some pics of the kids. Mainly Nev because she's one, and that's pretty cool. Zurich's, I had to edit the background, since purple is pretty uncool for a boy.

This is what I have to show for Seven years of Marriage:
I did one thing wrong (IMO) I forgot to set my camera on the higher pixels. So maybe next time. But these will do I think for now.

and ya, for half a second I thought about putting the three of them together... it turned out like this:


  1. The pictures look great! Your kids are so CUTE!!! Much better than school pictures, which I totally forgot about. I didn't buy them in the fall, so I thought maybe. I'm not even sure I brushed all of my kids hair that morning, so it's not gonna happen:)

  2. cute cute.
    all three together? ha! mine look like this with only 2:)

  3. I thought they turned out cute!!! I do the same thing with the sun.

  4. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!