Friday, October 22, 2010

6 hours on Thursday

Found this post that had been left as a draft... because I couldn't upload pictures at the time. Figured I'd gone to the trouble, now it's posted.

Sept 30th
Midwife first. Sat next to a lady who just had her first and it was also going to be her last. Here I am at least 7 years younger than her with my two youngest, and another in my womb, my oldest in school. 4, her eyes get really wide and you can tell she thinks I am nuts. (It's only 4). They call me back and Zurich goes in to a fit. Nev figures something must be wrong so she copies him. The two of them are fussing and trying to climb my leg to such an extent that I can't even get up and in the trauma Nev disperses her pouch of crackers all over the room. As I finally am able to getup, I tell the lady. "It's not always like this." Baby is in good shape though and I feel hugeoushious already.

Zurich doesn't like the chiropractor. I've been going for me. Zurich has never actually been in the room when I've had adjustment. Something freaked him out though and he screams incessantly when we pull up. I thought on Thursday we were going to be able to handle it, but he fell and scraped himself up nicely in the parking lot right before going in. ALAS, we survived. Thanks to a nurse who had a tray full of dollar store toys.

Then to the post office to mail a batch of packages, one was over seas, so I had to stand in line. The Post office worker was super nice when we finally made it to the counter, and I had both kids sitting on the counter, Nev even had a smelly diaper by then. Zurich was investigating the variety of stamps and she offered to stamp his hand. Look what they got:

A few other mini stops and then to Costco. On our way out Zurich screamed his head off from the back of the store to checkout because he wanted a digger toy truck.
Gas up and Home, James, home.
Home in time to be there for Olea and send her off to a play date with a friend. After seeing her awesome mustache sticker, that she was SO excited to show her dad.

Unload the van.
Zurich makes a tower out of some of the groceries.

Put Nev down for a nap and Zurich in front of a Thomas the Train movie and I get a default nap on the couch. 9:30 am to 3:30 in town makes for a long day.

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