Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day off and some fall fun

So Olea had fall break last week. The first day we spent in town... so to make it up to the kids on Friday we made rice crispy treats, two batches.

The first batch I added food coloring to it after adding the marshmallow to the cereal, making for a nice variation of colors, not just orange. The second batch we added crunchy peanut butter and Reeses pieces.

Then we pressed it into cookie sheets and I let the kids use Halloween cookie cutters to cut them into shapes.

Then from way back in my memory archives I had an idea from first grade to do some creepy Fall Halloween trees.

I watered down (a lot) some black tempra paint and gave the kids straws and let them blow the paint around into "tree" like forms.

Then I let them choose paint, stamps or markers or pre-cut leaves to add fall leaves to their trees. I had to do one too.

Then we hung them up because that's what you do when you create something.

Nev was napping of course, keeping up with Zurich and Olea was hard enough. :)

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  1. That's so cool!! I aspire to be you one day. :) Your kids are going to have a lot of good memories.