Friday, October 15, 2010

in case you didn't know

Zurich shows me an empty pez dispenser all pulled open, "More canny Mom?"
"I don't have any more candy for you, son." (which for the record, was a small lie... I had more and even knew where it was but I wasn't going to give him any right before lunch).
"Mommies HAVE canny!"

He's right, you know. Mommies always do have candy, we're just not always willing to share.


  1. I'm not a good mommy. I don't always have candy, but I almost always have gum. The small truths we have to stretch as a mom. I usually just try and say something to the effect of you can't have it right now or something like that. As if that works either...

  2. I know how he feels!! Remember how you used to save your candy in those tins and i always wanted it, and even if you denied you had any, i knew you had it!!!

  3. Kendra, you feel my pain! That is what I was going to bring up. For as honest as I was about not stealing candy from her tins, I should have got much more from her.