Saturday, August 28, 2010

Button button, who wants to make a button?

Today with Olea out of school, and Gary gone, I had the feeling we needed to do a project together. So with the idea of making buttons for the quiet book, I saw somewhere making buttons with an old film canister and clay. I wasn't in the mood for clay with Zurich today so I pulled out the Shrinky-Dink instead.
I used my Cuttlebug and some circle dies to pre-cut the Shrinky-Dink and 1/8th inch and 1/4 inch hole punchers to cut holes for the buttons.

I got out my beloved box of colored sharpies and Olea, Zurich and I got busy coloring the circles.

The biggest circles started out at an inch and a half. (Nev was napping, besides her and sharpies are not a good mix).

Then we shrunk them. oooohhhh

The kids had a good time sifting them in their hands and looking over them, seeing how it changed during baking, recognizing the ones they did, color changes, etc.

Now what do do with them? I had a quiet book page in mind. I don't know if I will just sew them all on one page and let that be it, or if I will use them as flower centers.... The kids did the fronts and backs of the buttons (differently of course), so it seems a shame to have to pick one side to show.


  1. What a cool project! I wanna make buttons!!

  2. maybe thread some on a thin ribbon or string across a page in your book, then with a little illustration make it into a tightrope walker that the kids can pull across the page, and they can pick with side of the button to use each time.