Sunday, June 29, 2008

My two Cutes

Lately, I am seeing a lot more resemblance between Zurich and Olea. I can't say, like my sister did when she had her second, "but I already have one of those" (that comment, by the way, totally killed me). But as he gets older I see more common look in them. So Saturday while I was passing the time till he went down for a nap (so I could go help Gary work on the texturing in the basement, which we are so cool, we finished in one day and it looks rad) I took a bunch of pictures of him in similar set up of one we have of Olea at 7 months. She was actually at her chubbiest then I do believe. Here is a side by side, Olea on the left and Zurich on the right.

And some more cute ones of Zurich.
I love their incredible blue eyes and Zurich is the smiliest (which I am aware, is not a word) baby, I remember thinking similar thoughts with Olea... but I get a lot of comments from strangers about how smiley he is. It's true, he is a charmer, when someone gives him attention he smiles shyly and tilts his head to the side or smiles real big and roars at them in fun. The kid has roared from the very beginning.

I do believe that kids are who they are from the very beginning, as a mom, I can only direct choices of the personality, not mold the personality. After taking psychology with my college roomie Gina and learning about nature verses nurture... etc and then having kids, I do have my own theories. Olea, as all who know her can attest, is a ping-pong ball, and was when we first saw her on ultrasound. Zurich is calmer but social as well and has a sweet disposition but can really let you hear it if he isn't happy.

(I speak in parenthetical and comma delimited statements, I am easily side tracked)

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  1. Oh, you made that Psychology class more fun than it would've been without you! (Not to say that it wasn't an enjoyable was just fun to take it with you, my friend.)

    Your kids are adorable! And I can see similarities between your girl and your boy as well. What fun you must have with them!