Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tell All: Taste

this is a biased post
This last weekend my parents were down for Olea's birthday and my mom left some Sauerkraut soup for us. For those who don't know, my father is German. I grew up with all sorts of fantastic things to try. I have been craving the soup and of course only have store bought sauerkraut to make it with (my dad made it growing up) so it just can't be as good, plus I didn't have the recipe so she came at just the right time bearing just the right gift... for me. :) Generally I wouldn't think this up as being my favorite taste, I'd probably put peanut butter, margarine, lemon pepper, or wheat bread. (go ahead, laugh your taste-buds off), but since I was totally craving it to the point where I went and bought all the ingredients I could remember and hoped to get the recipe... still waiting.
When I do get the recipe I will post it for all those adventurous peoples out there. It's good, I promise ( I can hear you repeating my peanut butter, margarine, lemon pepper, or wheat bread list and shaking your head, yes I can hear this well, wait that's a lie... I can't hear that well, but in my imagination I can; so watch out).

I don't have a picture, because I scarfed the stuff so fast... but you can imagine a kraut colored soup, with polish sausage slices, dill, potatoes. ok you probably can't imagine. It tastes good. the end.


  1. You're just too cute. Umm...the name alone-sauerkraut soup-makes me nervous. Not a huge fan of sauerkraut. But I also know you're a good little cook, and if the rest of the recipe seems enticing enough, I might just give it a go. My roommate would probably love it; her Oma is German (obviously) and she's been to Germany a few times. (PS I LOVE schnitzel!)

    I'm glad you got your fave flave just in the nick of time!