Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Tell All: Sight (summer memories)

I used to spend all summer with my siblings. I had friends but my siblings were always available. The picture is of my daughter and her cousin. They are adoring a rock and wearing "Hanna Montana" hair things, matching shoes and princess dresses. As I watched them play together I remembered that my sister and I played together we were close in age but as I look back we weren't close in friendship. We got along and I love her dearly but we are just different. Olea and her cousin fight but play together as well. My sister and I didn't fight I just am not confrontational. This image brought back lots of memories of my sister or siblings and I playing in the ditch as kids, quiet moments of discovery and wild activity, having kitty races and letting our crayons melt in the sun. We used to hunt for jewels in the ditch, which I later found out were colored aquarium rocks, did I believe they were jewels or did we just pretend, I don't know, but they were treasures we collected in a glass baby food bottle.

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