Friday, June 6, 2008


I recently finished a drawing for some friends. It was a from a picture that my friend had given me when we were looking through her pictures together. I had it stashed away in my purse for the longest time. This year they celebrated their 10th anniversary and I knew it was coming up so I tried to locate the picture that I had cleaned out of my purse and put somewhere safe... it took a while to find. I had good intentions to finish it in time for their anniversary but my surgery got in the way. The pain meds didn't help on my coordination. :) Anyway when I finished it and gave it to them it made her cry... oh ya. But I found out that not only was it her favorite picture but it was also the picture they used for their wedding invitations. It was kinda funny because in the picture the area around his head was really dark so I couldn't tell what his hair was like, he is now bald... so I couldn't go off of that. During a random conversation once I asked her what his hair was like, she said, she hated it, that it was all busy and curly and crazy. So when she saw the drawing she was really excited about the way I drew his hair, "tamed it up a bit."

Other fun projects I am working on: For my freelance graphic design I created a font that looks like the alphabet made of staples. I actually made two different versions, highly stylized and more realistic, as if you'd taken a stapler to paper (which is what I actually did as a reference). I didn't make any special characters because the project I was doing it for only called for the alphabet. I didn't get paid to make the special characters. I did it to match the mailer / web banners I designed. The piece used VDP which is pretty cool but even cooler with the font. I am also working on a font off my handwriting, just for the cool of it.

Tuesday I hauled my sewing machine and fabric boxes out of the garage and made Zurich some pants and shorts. He has grown out of most of them and I figured I could totally make pants. The first pair made Olea and I laugh hysterically. It was super tight around his diaper area and reminiscent of a speedo, after trying them on again they aren't so bad, it's just that his diaper was really full at the time. It was hard to get on though so I totally corrected that for the last three pairs. The pic only includes 3 of the 4 because the other pair was dirty. It looks like sport shorts. You know, the ones with the stripes on the side. And all this was made possible because of my endless stash of "Supplies."

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  1. Wow, I'm so excited for you that your children are so dang beautiful! Seriously...

    Also, I wanted to say THANKS for the birthday card and the beautiful bookmark; I'm still amazed at all your talent, my friend! You rock! -Oh, please tell Olea I loved her picture that she colored for me. LOVED it!