Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camping because we can

We went camping for Labor day with my sister and her family. It was good times. We went to the Uintas, and yes, it rained. It rained hard. We left Sunday night because we were getting flooded out. But we had some glorious days as well. Zurich really needed to crawl so he got some good play time in the dirt and in the tent. Olea was ingenious and got a large branch that she used as a chain saw. She and her cousins chased after butterflies, and held a few hostage for a while too. Olea got to try fishing with her cousins and Gary practiced archery. It was a pretty place. And we got to see an incredible full rainbow. Zurich had to wear a pink suit to keep warm but he is a brave boy. :) The kids were great wood gatherers. We got a big new tent for the occasion because we had been camping the week before with friends and it was just too much with the two kids in a 3 man tent. I had told Gary there was no way I was doing that again for three nights in that tent. The new one was nice and big, big enough for a queen air mattress, well for two. We ended up putting a portacrib up for Zboy in the tent, it worked rather well.


  1. looks like such a good and relaxing time. i love that back pack wrap thing you have!

  2. How fun! We need to get out camping before it gets too cold....