Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ok so my Zurich is a mischievous little boy. I am sure this is a totally new idea to 99% of mothers out there who have perfect children. ;)
So we have a LARGE collection of plants in our bedroom. Like 16 or something. Zurich is a mobile guy and so he will dash off to that end of our room and grab a fist full of dirt, at first he tried to eat it, but just got a bunch of bark and that wasn't so great, so now he just likes to dump fistfuls on the carpet. The other day Gary and I were lounging in our room and Zurich abandons his pile of toys and takes off over there halfway there he turns back and looks at me, I tell him "No" and he smiles and raises his eyebrows and takes off in a dash. I grab him and put him back in front of the toys before he can get there. This happens quite a few times, he thinks it is a game, and he's so cute about it. Eventually he gets closer and closer...So he sneaks over again and waits with his hand raised just a few inches above a pot and looks at me. At "No" he smiles again and grabs a fist full and giggles. The little stinker.

He has sooo much personality. He is a momma's boy though, so I am trying to work on that. He is full of smiles and mischief. He also likes to open the cupboards in the kitchen and empty the tupperware, dishes etc. I have decided I will not "babyproof" my cabinets. Nothing will make me swear faster. Our first apt had everything babyproofed and it irritated me to no end, one handed trying to get things done and having to drop everything to open the dumb cupboard catch or lock to put in one measly towel or whatnot. I just can't stand it... so I will repeatedly pull Zurich away from my kitchen and set him infront of the play kitchen where he can open/shut/bang/fill/empty the cupboards to his hear's content... and then dash back to mine.

The other day Zurich was being a pooper about eating dinner. Gary decided to go to the next level and put Zee's mashed potatoes all over Zurich. Zurich wasn't in good humor. Save me Mommy!Afterward we realized why... he had some sort of stomach bug and just layed around on my chest the rest of the day and the day after, and then puked volumes. Yay. But it was so cute to have him so cuddly. This picture is misleading, he was really wiggly with Dad.
Then Gary and I got sick. Olea had already had it earlier in the week. It hit me really hard. I was out for two days. Ick. It's always worst when Gary and I are sick at the same time, the kids really suffer.

Zurich can climb stairs and has done so without real incident until today when he decided to come back down them. Thankfully Gary was sitting on the landing and was able to catch him before he really started going. I heard it and jumped, this is really scary for me becuase when I was very pregnant with Zurich my neice who was almost 4 at the time fell down the stairs and I was at the bottom and caught her before she landed on the concrete. The memory of watching her fall and only being able to catch her before last dreadful impact has really stayed with me. Esp knowing what actually hitting the concrete would do headfirst after a fall of cartwheels. So we need to teach Zurich about coming down, more seriously than we have been. He wasn't hurt just shook up and just wanted Mommy.I pulled out the squirrel costume thinking I would have to make major modifications on it since Zurich is quite a bit bigger than Olea was... I went so far as to take off the false legs, but couldn't hack away at it knowing what a perfect peice it is... and so I just undid the arm holes thinking maybe his arms were just too long and that is what put the strain on it last time I tried it on.... That is mostly it. I think we can pull it off. So I will put the false legs back on. It looks much better with it. Here are some pics Today... and the first time I tried it on him before taking off false legs and opening armholes.Oh but we have our fun. And a lot of it. Zurich fish. Olea takes Zurich for a ride on her fourwheeler. Zurich before the attack on mommy.


  1. Holy Toledo, Batman! Your kids are so beautiful! I know that Olea's gorgeous, even in person, but it's almost sinful how cute your little Zurich is! So cute!

    Oh yeah, and I LOVE the squirrel costume. You amaze me.

  2. Coretta! Your little kids are so cute and getting so old! Hope things are going well for you guys!