Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Tell All-Fave school class/course

This seems so obvious I feel silly writing it. My favorite classes/ courses in college were art. It's hard to choose between calligraphy, bookbinding, stained glass. They were so hands on and different than any art classes I'd taken before. It's also fun to have evidences and tangible things from them. The stained glass hangs in my loft, some calligraphy hangs in my daughter's room, and the bookbinding evidences have been gifted, or currently serves as my own journals, and a clam shell box for our Mini Collection books. But still I can't forget my design classes, I LOVED my Visual Arts Communications class, where we worked a lot with fonts and heirarchy. I have a deep love for fonts now and it was an aspiration to make my own font, which is a goal I have completed. VA Comms was my real college experience into graphic design (I'd done some in High School). Good memories.

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  1. No surprise there... you have always been an amazing artist. It's great that you were able to take some courses with some variety though--and to still use and display them is awesome.