Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quirky Me

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NuMbeR 1. I hate to make decisions that involve other people. I can handle it though, as a mom and wife, I have to do this quite often, but I much prefer to discuss it with someone first and let them make the final call. I have the worst time with it though when my thyroid levels are off. Like they have been the past weeks. I am rendered almost completely useless, it's like suddenly I don't have an opinion, or my opinion is so strong I don't see reason, because I am so agitated.

nUmbEr 2. I rarely pay full price for clothes. I can't justifty it. I don't like shopping for this reason, and it's hard to do clothes shopping with two kids. It comes down to the decisions thing again, unless it's totally good deal, I can't make the decision. I often end up leaving a store with out anything because I'm just not sure it's worth it.

NumBEr 3. I have too many hobbies. I blogged about this a while back. I love to learn new skills and feel lots of success at being good at so many things. But then I have a lot of unfinished projects... currently: a painting (which my mom loves, but I don't think is done yet), a comfort cloth I am crocheting for my baby boy, tatting a bookmark for a friend who lent me the dreaded Twilight series, designing business cards for my little brother (this, I actually won't let go undone for long because it is business, I get it done asap.), a half done card for my cousin who got married a.... CRAP! a month ago. blogging, etc etc.

NUmBeR 4. I am easily distracted. I can't help super-multitasking. I love computer time, checking email, designing, blogging, photo editing, and usually get on and get a lot done, but rarely what I sat down to do. For instance I sat down to dump pictures off my camera and I still have yet to push the little button to start the trasfer.

nuMBeR 5. I enjoy, or feel the need to organize. To keep a record of pretty much everything. I keep a detailed health record, and journal for my kids. I like to label my pictures before burning a cd, though sometimes I don't get to it. I always feel the need. This kind of organizing and journaling/ record keeping is one and the same for me,

NuMbEr 6. I bite my nails. I have stopped many times in my life. Only to get in a project or a book and concentrating on something and feel a snaggy nail and oops it's gone, long gone. The state of my concentration can be seen often in my fingernails.

p.s. While writing this blog I got three other things done. Checked my email, finished designing business cards, emailed final files, emptied my camera and read a few blogs, cleaned a DVD and entertained my baby... ok that was more than three... supermultitasking. Now, it's time for lunch.

I tag Angie J, Kristol, Morgan, Joanie, Erin, Marci.


  1. I finally finished my tag. Thanks that was fun.

  2. Coretta, that's what I've always loved about you... all your quirkes! :) I need to have Paul read your post so he'll understand I'm not the only super-indecisive, distracted, multitasker out there. Yay.

  3. your quirks make me feel more normal. ha ha. what a fun tag. i promise i'll be getting to it!