Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where has my life gone?

Title here has a twofer meaning... Happy belated birthday to myself. Which is funny because we actually celebrated my birthday days before my birthday, due to the fact that Gary would be hunting the week of my big day. So, now it's over and I'm 26 ladeda. Did I think I would have two kids at this age? In some imaginings yes, and in some I didn't think I'd even be married. Where has my life gone? I wonder it more as I look at my daughter who is 4 and I see all the progress she has made and I think where has the time gone? It didn't slip past me, I think I have done a good job enjoying it with her but still life just keeps going and things keep changing. This is good, but it's also amazing.

Gary complained that I never let him surprise me for my birthday. Case in point: Last year I told him I wanted a cordless persimmon electrolux vacuum and if he didn't get it I was going to buy it anyway. So duh he got me the vacuum, he did thow in some surprise items from the kids. So this year I didn't have anything on my mind in particuar so he got to have his wish. He did a great job. He bought me a t-shirt that makes me laugh. I typically don't like shirts with attitude but this was just funny. You can see it on Snorg Tees. It's the light blue shirt with the lamp on it. If you don't get it you probably haven't seen the movie it is from and that's okay. The kids "got" me a gift card to Old Navy for clothes. Much needed. We had a little cake and ice cream while we were at his parents house. I got a puzzle and a puzzle storage roll from them. I like puzzels. I really do, so the storage roll was GREAT. I have wanted one, his parents know me pretty well. It was a good time and then the next day we had more cake at my friend's house in Orem. It was super cute she is a great cook but had never made Angel Food cake and she had one flop before a perfect cake, I guess that was like 24 eggs later or something. :) She really loves me. She also spent the week making me a quilt. It's super cute, purple with butterflies. I also like butterflies. Are these things news? Anyway I got a bunch of fun cards as well. Gina specifically, I laughed out loud, thanks. Olea also enjoyed it and carried it arround pressed to her ear while I steam cleaned the carpets (so she could hear it). She laughed because she also thought it said, Mustard where it says, " a lesson you must learn."I feel loved and now I'm over the crest of 25 officially. woot.

Since Gary's family had not seen the movie that my shirt quoted he and his brother decided to go rent it. But of course they had to go in style.... er something, they got all nerded out. Karate pants wigs, etc and rode thier mom's scooter into town to get the movie. They pulled it off, I couldn't have, I would have been laughing but they really had people thinking they were serious. It kills me Gary's bandana says MEXICAN. We were all laughing so hard. This is a side of Gary people who don't know him very well never see... One of the things I love so much. He really doesn't care what people think, he knows how to have fun.And for fun here is my little Lynus with his piano. Riding the train with Zurich. Olea in the train she put her chin on the burning barrel (not hot at the time) and got soot all over her chin. Grandpa was driving the train like a crazed lunatic, the kids LOVED it. of course.And the awesome Southeastern Idaho sunset.


  1. Happy Birthday, anytime that you get a gift card for clothes is a good day. I'm glad it was a good one.

  2. Glad you liked the card. I couldn't not buy it once I picked it up and listened to it. :)

    Glad you had some happy celebrations! I rather enjoy birthdays myself. :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! You look so great. And Gary looks HOT in his dress-ups. :D

  4. Man... happy birthday!! It sounds like you had a great time. Have I mentioned I LOVE the new haircut?! Absolutely adoreable.

  5. happy late birthday! i never let my hubby surprise me either. i just always have something i want. bad habit i know.
    that vacuum sounds wonderful, i'm totally jealous.
    26? i thought to myself, hey we're the same age!
    then i thought again. then i got out my calculator and did the math. i'll be 26 next year. huh, is it really possible to forget your age when you're only in your twenties? ha!

  6. Ah, but those of us who do know him are only somewhat surprised at Paco and Danrito's actions :). Actually, that is a new one that I haven't seen before, I think it is the wigs or the bandana or both. The wife beater is a classic and Danny may have raised the bar with the fringed jacket. Nice all the way around! Glad to see that they are growing old gracefully.

    On another note, congrats on hitting the downward slope to 30 Coretta, time only moves faster. I thought one of the guys in our ward was way older than me because he is 30, Erin kindly reminded me that I am only about 8 months from that mark.