Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do my arms grow out of my head?

Lately I have been watching Olea's drawings and figured that it was time to teach her something... or at least point it out. So Saturday we went down to the Studio to do some exploratory drawing. I had Olea feel her face. What's on your face? and have her draw it. Then we moved down her body talking about neck and shoulders (which is where your arms grow out of, in case you were wondering). She really enjoyed it and was excited to draw a girl since I was drawing a boy and she wanted long hair on her girl etc. After we were done she named them both. The boy I drew was Workard and the girl she drew was Kensenda. I commented that my boy had monkey arms... Then I let her draw something on her own. And reminded her to get all the right limbs growing out of the right places. She drew a baby, with a big hurt toe and lobster hands. The lobster hands made her laugh pretty hard, except she called them "aligator hands, no not alligator" and then she signed crab. I love that I can share my hobby with my little girl. We have a good time. While she drew some more I moved on to her latest request. Mermaid fins.

On the way home from watching Bed Time Stories (movie) which had a mermaid in it. Olea asked, “Do sew clothes break in water?”
I had to have her repeat the question a few times till I could figure it out, “Not if they are made out of the right kind of stuff.”
“Ok. I want you to sew me a mermaid tail so then I can crawl in the bathtub and swim like Hairial.” (Ariel)
“Ok, I might be able to do that sometime for you.”
“Here’s the kid deal, tomorrow while daddy is working I can swim in the tub with my fins.”
“I can’t make them that fast Olea. But I will put it on my list.”

I drew a sketch up the other day of how to accomplish workable "4 year old mermaid fins" and Olea likes to come into my room and look at it for a while and then ask about the progress I am making on them. So far I have made and cut out the pattern... We'll see how it goes. She was pretty upset at first though that I had drawn it so her feet stuck out. But then I explained that otherwise she would fall and stuff because I couldn't make her into a real Mermaid. Heavenly Father wanted her to be real girl and so he gave her feet instead. That made good sense to her thankfully.

PS I got my new memory cards for my camera. Life can continue now. ;)


  1. Wow, you're such a good mom. You amaze me with the little glimpses I get on here. You're the kind of mom I would like to be.

  2. What fun to go down to the studio and draw with your firstborn! And what incredible memories you're creating for you both! -Sounds like things are going better in the Olea department then?

    I loved the picture of the baby...