Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I really appreciate people who think of others.
The little things.
Like today a neighbor came by to bring me info about kindergarten registration because she noticed the info on a paper from her first grader. It worked out we got to chat for 2 hours while the kids played, Olea was thrilled with this because she has been begging to play with this friend. Or when Gary who, like most husbands doesn't like the chore of watching kids while his wife clothing shops... brought me to a clothing store he knew I'd like and watched the kids, just because he knew it would make me happy to find a good deal and nice clothes. Or when he brings me a real chocolate bar, just because he loves me. Or my sister calls just to share in curiosities etc.

I decided today that the HR lady at my husband's work is one of the most ill equipped people to work in the Human Resources field.
I know it's not nice,
but if people had the same interactions with her as we have... you'd understand.

I quite enjoy personal emails.
So blogging has it's perks
but I really get a kick out of comments because
sometimes it's the closest thing to a personal email.

I think personality quirks are fun to watch for.
In my children, my siblings, parents, husband, friends.
I like to find something that is all them and them alone. The way they hold their face, talk with their hands, smile for real or for a picture, or raise their voice when they get passionate about a subject. I like to watch for what makes each person their own.

How you raise your kids is your business
until it interferres with my kids, and my life.

Do I really need to say more?
oh, I could but I shouldn't, so I won't.


  1. Oh, how I like you. For so very many reasons. This list of what you notice in people is just one of them.

    Aaaaaand...I've just decided I'm going to do better at that whole email thing. Because I get a kick out of them, and I like it better when I'm in contact with people like you.

  2. i tried to think of something sarcastic and witty about you as a mother.... couldn't come up with anything... you rock.

  3. Hey, I just realized this week that I never brought you your treat for winning the baby weight game! Maybe we can come up to see you sometime soon? We would love to see you! Let me know. (I probably should have e-mailed this, but knowing me, if I didn't do this now, I would keep forgetting)

  4. do you make paragraph breaks in your post? It's driving me CRAZY writing in one big paragraph because it won't do a double return. Send me a message on Facebook with your secret!

    Katie Moon Bodily