Wednesday, January 7, 2009

... late intro

No, I will not be posting belly profile pics of myself.
But here is a little peak at our coming addition. A girl. Coming April 16th... in theory. So that makes me somewhere in 6 months along. It's funny. With baby#3 it's life as usual for the most part. It has gone pretty fast because I have the two other little ones and Gary to keep me busy. Before it started getting icy I did go running and that was great. I'd like to have a pregnancy where I did that the whole way through... or at least attempt it. So in the mean time Yoga is doing happy things for me. For those who want the math, her and Zurich will be about 17 or 18 months apart. Exciting, yes, I know.

And yes, her name is picked out and if you think it's weird, don't tell me because I don't care. Her name has been solid since we were pregnant with Zurich and didn't know yet that he was a boy. We pick different names, but they all have meaning and purpose to us and so I really am not swayed when people hear them and their face changes. To avoid questions: her name is Genève. Like the city in Switzerland. Her middle name will be in memory of my German Grandmother, a little modified since her name doesn't sound great in English.

We're excited. Esp with all the events of the past year and the uncertainty it caused.


  1. She's got a cute little profile! I'm so excited for you and your family! -So I know the middle name...I think it sounds pretty in English. But I guess it doesn't if you pronounce it like you're American, eh? So are you changing the spelling or what? I think Geneve (I'm not sure how you did the little accent over the middle e) is pretty too. Surely none of your children have common names, but I think they're good ones. And you guys produce adorable children anyway, so who cares what anybody else thinks, right?

  2. holy howard.
    you are expecting?
    i had no idea!

  3. i'm feeling stupid because perhaps i knew and totally spaced it? that's incredibly possible.
    so if i've already congratulated you, ignore the absentmindedness.

  4. Congrats, I am so happy for you. How are you feeling?

  5. Congrats! I am so excited for you and your family!

  6. Response to all...
    My German Grandmother's name was Edeltraut. It's the traut bit that doesn't sound so great so we substituted that for Edelweiss (Adle (like ladel) vice), which means pure white, and is the name of a popular flower. Edeltraut means pure and honorable so I figured meanings were happy enough. So Gina, I think I told you the name we were going to use... Right?

    I'm feeling good... aside from the vacuuming I did yesterday, who knew it would hurt so much? I did not. ;)

  7. Congrats!!!! That is soooo exciting. I had no idea either!
    I love the name!! I like unusual names too, and don't give a crap when people make faces at the sound of my kids' names. I am so with you on that one! :D

  8. So exciting! Congratulations. Hope everything goes well for you.

  9. YEAH! That is so exciting. Having 3 is so fun. What a girl? You are going to have 2 girls and you are married to a Loughmiller. That is not normal. :)