Thursday, January 22, 2009

snippets and stuff

Me and the kids in our "jammie shoes" what are they really called? Olea coined the phrase and it has stuck since.
Zurich feeding the baby. It's innate. He and Olea were having a pillow fest on my bedroom floor while I worked on pictures.
Zurich and I having a who has the biggest belly contest, Gary had stuffed a ball in his onezie. It seems I could add "stuffing things in clothes" to the list as a favorite past time for Gary...

Olea sports her "Hannah Montana Hair" which she recently earned. She really wanted it and when she finally earned it she was all shy to wear it. It was pretty cute.

Yes, friends, that is Gary, cleaning bathrooms. It's true, he loves me that much and he did a great job. Olea likes to bring her table and chairs into our room to play. Gary and I were reading and she brought this in and set up her doll house items. She handled it well when Zurich kept tipping the table. Oh, No! it's an earthquake! Zurich's favorite doll house pieces are the toilets. No comment.

We've been looking for a new job for Gary. Like most people we've taken a hit with the economy. Gary and I worked together to re-write and arrange his resume and then I took a design hand to it. We're both quite pleased with the presentation. He called today to announce a first interview tomorrow. He's been looking for another job for years since he knows he's on the titanic... but the Lord's time is the Lord's time and we're just trying to keep our heads up. Things are good, but I just know there is a company out there who would better value what he is capable of and trust his judgment. A first interview is just that, but still at least things are circulating again.


  1. i'd love to see a picture of the hannah montana hair... ha ha.
    good luck with the job situation!

  2. Coretta you make such a cute pregnant person. I am not sure why you wouldn't want to post belly pictures! I love it!

  3. Cute pictures. I should get Maddie a Hannah Montana Wig and guitar lol. She would like that. We need to play again soon. I'm off on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. :)

  4. Common Gary, I've seen more enthusiasm in prison work camps :). Nice to see that spraying cleaner on the tub is a constant definition for husbands "cleaning".

  5. On another note, just read about the job interview. As on the other blog, I hope that it went well. If you ever feel the need to move to the desert (skiing is only 3-4 hours away) let me know. We ride dirtbikes year round (if you don't mind the 45 min drive to the mountains). Too hot to ride in the desert then.