Monday, January 12, 2009

Tiny teddies and Zurich

So a while ago I took on the challenge of crocheting something from a pattern... I have only just learned how to crochet and never worked off of a pattern. I finally finished the little tiny teddy bears I was making for my niece and nephew who were soon to have twin sisters. The twins are now over two months old. So it took me a while. Part of the problem is I can't count. Anyway, they finally got done and I sent them off. It sounds like they have been received well. I had to take a picture of my first completed pattern project... the purple one was first... I guess it sorta looks like a pig... be nice. They are only about 5-6 inches tall. Olea really wants one now though.

Zurich, oh my little boy. He is so cute. I love the age he is at. When he eats he sporadically puts his hands behind his head like so... very cute, except for the fact that his hands are usually dirty and it gets food all over in his hair. Still I have to smile.

And a little risky business moment after church while Gary and I were making lunch... okay Gary was making lunch I was getting the camera.


  1. nice work on the bears. i'm so untalented, i envy you.
    those pictures of zurich are too cute!

  2. Zurich is so cute and getting so big. I am very impressed with the bears. I have no talent for that and know I would be hopeless if I tried.

  3. This post is another reason I adore you.

    I think those tiny teddy bears are adorable. Even the "pig" one. (Your words, not mine!) -I want to be like you some day. You're into all the lost arts, like tatting and crocheting. I'd love to learn but...haven't.

    Oh yeah, and I'm LOVIN the pix of Zurich; especially the one where it's all hazy except for your little half-nude. He's adorable. :)

  4. I had to laugh at the picture of Zurich in his high-chair with his hands behind his head because he totally reminded me of Gary after we have had a big family dinner at Mom & Dad's!

    When I showed it to Jose and asked him if he reminded him of anyone he said "like father, like son".

    It was so good to see you guys over Mason's birthday and I wish that we seen each other more often. The kids are growing up so fast!

    Love & Miss you guys tons!!!