Sunday, April 5, 2009

11 DAYS?!

so I'm not overdue or anything,
but seriously,
having the baby this weekend would have been convenient.
I was really hoping for it.
Hoping my husband wouldn't have to take off work,
hoping that I would have her earlier than a day or two.
I shouldn't complain,
I know,
my sister had her last one almost two weeks late.
But I plan on having her early since the last two have been.
But only by 5-7 days... so two weeks was dumb of me to even hope for.
I get that.


  1. he he.
    the last days of pregnancy DRAG. it's like even one extra day is HORRIBLE.

  2. I feel for you! I had my doctor induce me with my second one because I didn't want to go past his due date. I recommend castor oil, gross but if you plug your nose not to bad, although it didn't work for me LOL! Try going for a jog that worked with my oldest LOL! I'm so sorry, I hope she comes soon!!

  3. Don't you hate the last couple of weeks? It's nature's cruel way of making us WANT to go into labor. Otherwise we wouldn't want to go through it at all. Here's a wierd trick: dissolve 1/4 cup ground ginger (found in the spice aisle of grocery stores) in a warm bath and soak in it at least once a day. The ginger softens the cervix, which helps things along. Peppermint oil gives some ladies contractions. But we all know that they come out when they are good and ready, for reasons unknown to us. Good luck!

  4. Sorry she didn't arrive when you had hoped; I hear that's kind of the way it goes with delivering babies though. :) Chin up, little friend! You can do it! (I'm hoping this one doesn't go OVER...)