Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pick your battles

  • I let Zurich eat an apple slice WHILE he was in the bath. (yup, it was immersed in the water bit on and dunked again...)
  • I let Olea sit WAY too close to the mini tv.
  • I let Olea and Zurich play with the baby play center while I nursed Genève (it kept them away from the plants)
  • I let Zurich play with the scissors... till Genève was done nursing.
  • I let Olea eat snacks upstairs.
  • I chose to not hear what Olea was currently up to, till I was ready to deal with it. (playing with her dolls in the sink)
  • I let Zurich brush his hair with his sister's toothbrush. (hehehehe)
  • I let Zurich suck on Genève's binki (because it looked like his) during the day time (he's not supposed to have a binki unless he's in bed)
  • I let Olea use my assortment of Sharpies. (Typically permanant markers are not for her use... wonder why?)
  • I let Zurich go through the pen cup uncapping them all.
  • We ate a lunch of Oranges, and apples dipped in peanutbutter.
  • I let Zurich fuss in his crib longer than I normally would so I could finish up a project.
  • I let Gary take Zurich on the motorcycle from the front of the property to the garage
  • I let Zurich and Olea stay up late to watch a movie with popcorn.


  1. ha ha ha!! I love your list!!!This is the first time I've seen a picture of your baby!!! SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!! K-I'm not suppose to get baby hungry because we are done, so I'd better not look at that picture too long!!

  2. I love the list!! So fun, I love reading your blog! It makes me laugh!

  3. you are such a cool mom:)
    that's coming from someone who is constantly striving to be a cool mom... he he he.

  4. Congrat's on your baby...darling baby, I should say!!! I LOVE the motorcycle pic...too cute!! And I love your kids' names!

  5. I think I have a list like that for every day. Someday I'll be better:)