Friday, April 24, 2009

Pictures pictures everyone

Because I haven't posted pictures of the kids' Easter... because I wasn't there (in the hospital, remember?) But thanks to my parents they still had a hunt and Olea was thrilled that she got "a lot of eggs this time" (she panicked at the ward Easter hunt running out into the center and back to the edge without picking up a single thing, Zurich got more than she did). I don't know why Olea's head is screwed on wrong in the pic of them in their Easter dress...probably because she is a poser. (There is another one that looks really strange that I didn't post) My dad took the pic of Zurich and his basket... It's a GREAT picture. I love it.

And of course pictures of the new little one.

P.S. I lost yesterday's battle with the permanent marker today. Olea broke two rules about using them... she didn't put paper underneath the one she was drawing on and she put her paper directly on the carpet rather than on my computer chair mat... Thus getting permanent marker on my my carpet... Solution: Rubbing alcohol and lots of q-tips and it's "good as new" or at least "no one would know."


  1. What beautiful children you have...even if Olea's head is screwed on wrong in that one pic. I also really think that pic of Zurich and his Easter basket is a real winner...cute! -I'm still trying to figure out who little Geneve looks like. (Sorry, I don't have the little accent over the E :)