Saturday, April 4, 2009


We all have friends... or at least like to think we do.
Typically our best friend if we are married is our spouse (it should be).
Gary is definitely mine.
However, this post isn't about him this time.

Before we bought our house and moved we lived in a sweet duplex in Orem. About 6 months before we moved I met Cyndi who lived down the street from me. (Thanks Visiting Teaching)
I could go on and on about her virtues but suffice it to say, since you likely don't know her, that she is like a sister to me (which is funny, I guess, coming from someone who has 4 sisters already). Or I could just say she's my best girl friend "locally." The best part about being friends with her? Our husbands and kids all like each other too, how rare is that? It's great.

Lately, with all the doc appointments for the pregnancy it's just an understood that the kids and I go hang out with her all that day. She and I have both been pregnant the last two times together. We both had boys and now girls... Her little one is over two months old and I have yet to have my girl still. The last few visits we have worked on making a dress for her sweet little one to be blessed in. She sews a lot and is very talented, but had not made clothing. That's usually all I do with sewing, not that I'm super at it, but decent enough that I have made my own patterns and we got talking about making a blessing dress and so I drew up a pattern and we went on a little trip to the fabric store. This last visit we completed the dress. So it's not your traditional dress, being all white, since it is light pink and sage green. Ah but we had a good time and since I am dumb, I didn't know how much material to buy, so we over bought and had enough to make my friend a matching shirt. I think that's a bonus. We cut out all the pieces last time I was there so we'll see how far she gets by next Wednesday, now that she's got one completed garment under her belt and six kids to distract her.
So here's a picture. Joy with me.

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