Friday, June 19, 2009

Genève, faces, laptop

Can I tell you how flipping proud of this little tubber I am? She may not be as "tubby" as some babies but she's the tubbiest one I have ever produced. Though she started out weighing less than Zurich she has now passed him up weight/age. At this age Zurich was just under 12 lbs and started out at 8lbs 10oz where she started out at 7lbs 14 oz. Genève is my first baby to not drop weight but gain at great progress. At two months old she is my heaviest baby yet and has the little fatty thighs I have never had in a baby. She is so chubby cute. I just love it. She is 9 weeks old. Almost 12.5 lbs and soooo perfectly pleasant and smiley. She sleeps like a dream and rarely cries.

Look at my two babies.

Gary drew faces on the kids' bellies the other night, it was hilarious with their belly button mouths. I just love it. Such funny faces. Genève's was particularly funny because of it's rotundness.

And our latest project:
A laptop out of a cereal box. Olea LOVES it. We'll have to make one for Zurich so he stops stealing hers.

Cut cereal box big sides, tape hing. Let child draw on Keyboard and screen. (good letter number practice). Attach ribbon to hing to keep it propped open and a little ribbon top middle of it to open it.


  1. Geneve is adorable. Really, really.

    I LOVE the tummy/bellybutton faces. Classic!

    And I will always be astounded by your creativity. When I get married and reproduce, I will come to you for so much advice. Just letting you know.

  2. cute cute tummies!

    geneve looks just like her daddy in that second picture!

  3. your kids are absolutely beautiful. i love the faces on the belly!