Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Camera is Possessed

My Camera is Possessed.
It's true. And it's probably due to the amount of times the kids have grabbed the strap hanging of the counter and pulled it down to the floor... aka dropped it.
About a month ago Gary and I woke up to a strange noise. It took me a while to locate the noise.
The camera in it's case was turning off and on. This includes the lens coming out and in. It was in the camera case so the lens couldn't come out all the way so it just went back and forth and back and forth.
Fluke, right?
It keeps happening. It's freaky.
I could always run over the camera with the car and HAVE to buy a new one. That worked last time. Sorrows... It makes me laugh now, but it was NOT funny then.
So here's the picture I took today when the camera turned itself on. It was sitting on our dresser and Olea was reading to Genève (who you can't see behind the book and Olea) in the big chair. Notice, I even made my bed today.

(holy crap is that red paint on her foot?! it is...I better go check the studio... and the carpet the whole way upstairs)

In other news, I am really looking forward to this weekend for a number of reasons:
1. We are finally getting a family picture with everyone ... except Lincoln who went to China.
2. My mother hired a photographer... so Dad doesn't have to do it.
3. I get to tat on the drive and Genève needs a few tatties (all the colorful ones I have given away or sold and she's left with the first few that I did before I started selling them).
4. We're going to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with my in-laws and my sister's family
5. I get to see my sister and my brother whom I have not seen for over a year at least, and all their new kidlets.


  1. What a terrific weekend! -Also, I love the tatties! So cute! You. Are. So. Talented.

  2. You've got yourself a pretty creepy camera. We've had a couple possessed toys in the past that start going off in the middle of the night. It always scares the crap out of me.