Monday, June 8, 2009

If obedience were always so exciting...

Zurich is still a binki lover.
call me a bad mom,
I'll disagree with you anyway.

He's a good boy.
He often surprises me.
Since he's sleeping in his big boy bed now, there are days he chooses only one nap, and 1 hour of "play in his room since the door is shut and he can't get out and he's not sleeping."
Either way, when the door is open and Zurich is free to roam the binki cannot accompany him.
Binki is strictly a bed item.
I thought we'd have fights about this.
we don't.
He's so sweet.

The first day after I opened his door to help him slowly get up from his nap and he ventured out with the binki still in his little chomps I said to him, "Bobo, go put your binki away. Put binki back in bed." He promptly pulled his binki out of his mouth and set it in his bed and then came back to play.

God loves me. He surely does. So many of the things I think will be battles with my kids end up not being, granted I sure do have enough battles. But life is good.
Since he continues to be so great about it we continue to aplaud him esp when he sits up in bed, pulls out the binki drops it on his bed and then comes out to play.
"TICKETS!" Gary and I cheer.
(tickets are a form of reward system in our house)
Zurich claps and runs to the counter where the tickets are.
He currently has more tickets than Olea.

So we get all excited when our kids are obedient. What parent doesn't? When does it go from exciting to be obedient to expected? And when does obedience go from being exciting for the child to absolutely repulsive?


  1. he is so handsome and you can tell he is sweet just by looking at him!
    jonas still has his bink most of the day.... go ahead and call ME a bad mom:)

  2. How nice for you that Z's such a good kid! -Not to mention a cutie pie...seriously.