Monday, June 1, 2009

Olea's board

When Olea and I do crafts I try to let her do them herself. But of course I make suggestions and if our project is somewhat costly I do make suggestions. Latest project is a magnet board for her room. Gary will love this, because if it doesn't fit on the magnet board... it's in the trash. She's generally quite good about throwing old pictures away but I think this will also help the general cleanliness look of her room. And I think it turned out cute. While we were at Robert's buying the board there was a make and take. I was quite proud of myself for making ZERO suggestions and just letting Olea create the way she wanted to. I think sometimes as adults/parents we are just sure something is supposed to be a certain way and stifle our kids' creativity. Considering who I am... and who I claim to be, I really don't want to do that to my kids.

So we bought a Extra Large Magnet Board from Roberts ( 50% off)

Cut paper strips (to width of border, from paper Olea picked out from Archiver's Hotspot)
Then Olea cut with scalloped scissors the strips into smaller pieces

Then She helped me ink the edges with a vaired color ink pad
Spray adhisive and lay out the papers on the border.

Modgepodge the whole thing

Let dry obviously
Vinyl lettering of her name on the board (thanks to Grandma's Cricut)
Then she used Jewels (from Roberts) to add some bling to her board

I totally had to refrain from commenting on where to put the jewels.
TaDA! Now we just need to hang it up.

See the magnet board behind Olea? So now the question is... do I let Zurich help decorate his?
P.s. Zurich was taking his nap in a big boy bed. (the bottom bunk in Olea's room) Thanks Grandma and Grandpa who helped him make this transition while he was at their house.


  1. That is one gifted girl you've got! Seriously, it looks good, and it was all her; nice! I bet she LOVED making it! -You'll have to post pix of Zurich's when it's done...

  2. This is really creative idea! I really like the piecey frame and the stamp ink idea! I think I'm going to have to finally get myself a magnet board :) Thanks for the ideas!

    Becky Green
    Fellow Creative Cat :)

  3. What a cool mom you are! I love how it turned out!

  4. That is awesome!!!! I love it. Great job, Olea (and Mom--for encouraging her creativity!).

  5. Just had to tell you how much I enjoy viewing your blog on a weekly basis! I love seeing your personality, creativity and talents showing through the design and posts. Thanks for being you!