Tuesday, February 2, 2010

dropping off the wrong side of the bed

ho hum

If I pop out of bed at 2 am to a little screamer down the hall and have to try and administer Motrin to a resisting two year old with out waking up everyone else, especially the baby who probably has an ear infection... and then have to sit with him for 45 minutes to make sure that the Motrin is bringing his fever down before going back to bed for 3 more hours. I'm not happy the next morning. Especially when said child starts the day out whining repetitively.

Are you?
But I'm trying to be. Really I am. The lack of sleep is killing me, but can't go to bed when Gary is still up doing bills and random assortment of 24inch computer screen work right in my sleeping/not sleeping line of sight. I'm not upset with him. I could go to bed if I had the energy to do it.

So instead, I read blogs, facebook, and write in the kids' journals and edit pictures in picassa and laugh at snorg tees.

For your pleasure these are some of the jems I put in my kid's journals tonight.

Zurich was headed to the living room with a cup in his hand I was telling Zurich, "No drink, no juice (Fresca) in the living room." He stops and looks at me all confused like and slowly points to Gary who is in the living room on the couch with his cup of Fresca. Nice job Dad.

Zurich had flipped over his dump truck and was using his toy drill to work on it. After he was done he flips the truck back upright and struts away with the drill in his hand while telling me, "I fix it, all done."

Tonight we were having spaghetti for dinner and Zurich saw the bowl of spaghetti and says, "Oh snakes." He likes the idea of snakes so I put some into his bowl. He jumps up and down a little on the bench his hands flapping perpendicular to the elbows and says, "Yay, snakes!" He ate pretty well and lately that's really a good thing.

While Olea was playing with Gary she triumphs, "I cheated! ...I mean I won."

Olea was cleaning out the dishwasher and was putting away a small hard cheese grater we have and asked, "Does the Grind Cheeser go here?"


  1. do as I say not as I do...seems to be a real issue at our house especially with food and drinks. Oh why do we have to be good around our kids!

  2. Oh boy. I love your kids. Funny funny!