Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gary is thirty

It's not me, so I can tell you his age. Remember when 30 sounded ancient. Well, folks, Gary is ancient. Since I am about 2.5 years younger than him, I have decided 30 isn't that old. I don't feel old yet, and our kids are still just little. Now you know how old I am. Who cares? I don't.

In celebration of being older Gary went off with some free ski passes he had from the Warren Miller show we went to back in, um, those months back before ski season. He went skiing with Eric, our brother in law, who we also went to the show with. They had fun making a "mockumentary" which I have only heard about so far. Apparently Eric will be editing it.

While the guys were off smashing into trees my sis Kendra and I hung out with my little leprechauns. Kendra, with M&Ms to entice, cut Zurich's hair, and we just pretty much hung out all day at the house.

When the guys got back from skiing, Eric and Kendra watched the three lil ones while Gary and I went to dinner using gift cards (from sky miles) at the Olive Garden. Can you see we are all about free? There was no cake. Gary didn't want it.

A few days later we got a package in the mail from my sis Kirsty. It was a smashing Make your own Light Saber kit. It was hilarious. Apparently she got the idea from
For your viewing pleasure:

The Snuggies we all got for Christmas from Grandma totally added did they not?

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