Monday, February 8, 2010

Projects in motion

Oft times when I read a blog and see all the fun projects people post, it looks so Viola, ten minutes, easy sort of thing.
Maybe it is for them.
Back in the day I painted Olea's room. No wait. Let me begin again.
Back in the day we decided to switch the kids' rooms while they were at Grandma's and paint Olea's for to make her not feel bad she was getting the smaller room. So here it is before as the baby's room.

And working on it
Gary did the patches the night before when we moved everything out and we installed a lower run of shelving in the closet. Then I painted.
I did a one color rag roll and then pink swirls and blue butterflies and swirl accents by hand. This took the longest. The rag roll took maybe two hours.
And moved in complete aside from hanging up the pictures and such.
It was the first room in our house to receive the gift of colored paint (besides the basement).

Gary said that he loved it, but then looked around the room and said, but nothing matches... SERIOUSLY?! It's all pine, I retorted and then proceeded to point out the things that did match, but he had a point. I can't go buy her a bed spread, the kid has a huge enough pile of favorite blankets on her bed. But I can re-finish the dresser, because we've been talking about doing so for a few years. Yup, Years.
(This used to be our dresser before we decided to celebrate V-day and save little gifts and buy a dresser on the President's day sales. Good choice, and Olea got a fitting dresser out of it). But it has that dumb wagon wheel on it. I also had quite a bit of leftover paint since the pink swirls didn't take too much. I toyed with the idea of Modge podge to match her magnet board. Gary suggested I also paint the mirror pink. So I pulled a drawer out and took it into the garage. By the time I came back in for another...
At first I was just going to do the drawers. Then I got into it, I guess.
Pull off ugly wagon wheel and pulls
Sand and patch
Then decide to do the top
and the detail on the frame
Detail on the drawers

Then I modge podged the mirror frame just like Olea's magnet board. We picked out new drawer pulls that make it much easier for my little 5 year old to open a big long drawer.
Olea and Zurich "Turning gold into cash" (yay, the infomercials!)
Dresser complete and moved in.
Room done. Olea Loves it. She says it's a Tinkerbell room. SCORE! And Gary thinks it goes together better. Whew! These last pictures are since she's been living in it a while. She's 5 I'm not going to pretend that her room is spic and span all the time. This is life.

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  1. Holy cow! What an undertaking! I am so, so impressed. You did a great job. I especially love that pic with your little girl in her dresser drawer. Too cute! I found your blog through "get your craft on" today. I'm looking foward to following it. I think you'll see we have a lot in common. Love the books you're reading, too. :)

  2. Great job. Love the dresser. Lezlee

  3. Coretta!! Everything looks amazing! That is one handful of a project my dear!! I love all of the little details! I'm sure she's enjoying her "tink" room! This is getting me excited about decorating kids rooms!

  4. The room turned out really cute!

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