Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Wow, that felt really relaxed, thanks Deb." -uncle Rico

Gary REALLY needs a hair cut.
For some reason this is most apparent at midnight, knowing he needs to go to work the next day. Last night as we were getting ready for bed I commented, "We shouldn't have been watching the Olympics, we should have been cutting your hair."
It was obviously too late to cut it now... so instead, being responsible adults, we messed around with it for about the same amount of time that it probably would have taken to cut it.
Oh the laughter
Gary's rubber face and his suggestion for a nice seahorse frame kill me.
Here's a look at some of what made me laugh so hard.
Oh I love this man and how he makes me laugh.
Find the "Uncle Rico," "Kramer" "Dumb and Dummer" "80's heart-throb" "Scrubs"

If you don't know what movie the post title is from, you really should get acquainted with Napoleon Dynamite.


  1. ha ha ha..those are great! He looks so different when he's doing his faces. Time well spent, I say.