Friday, February 26, 2010

knitting fun

I learned to knit from one of my three older sisters. We've collaborated and learned a few things since the first style of hat she taught me to make. I don't know who to credit for some of the additions we have made over the years, so I'll just credit her. I learned a honeycomb pattern from her which was great for girls. I could sort through my pictures to find the first hat I knitted... Why not right?

But then there was the necessity for boy hats so we worked on striped pattens too. Which I find work great for boys and girls.
Here's one with ear flap ties and pompoms. We also tried rolled brims for girls.
Then, recently, I had a friend teach me how to knit in the round. I was hoping to avoid the seam.
So knitting in the round is so easy if you know how to knit at all. I proceeded to make my son a new hat (you'll notice that you can see the "seam" from color changes. I was using different weights of yarn and this was not only my first project in the round but also my first adventures in color changes in the round).
(since he has a head that is bigger than it used to be).
And talking to a friend. I decided to try just a chin strap style ear flap with button or snap closure for my baby and later for her new baby.
As you can see the latest one in the purples has better color changing in the round.
I also added a flower thanks to my mother in law buying my 4 year old a nifty knitter of the 3 inch variety.
My five year old has had the same hat for a while and as she's watched all these new developments she's requested some for her hat.
She also insisted I add a flower to my own hat. I also tried another feminine brim on hers, one that would curve around the face, but could be rolled up if needed. I used this same technique when I made my hat.
And of course we all had to have "matching" hats at one point.
Then I learned how to make a really nice, strong cord. I'll credit my sister and mom and an elderly German lady for that one. Though I am still in the process of figuring out how to combine it and the ear flaps. So that's where I'm at now... and finding Zurich's newly made hat, did we leave it at Grandparents?

Oh! and not to be forgotten: The Fuzzy hat.


  1. I'm impressed. The flower is really cute!

  2. These are so cute! We're in Miami and it doesn't get too cold bu my daughter and son both love these kinds of hats.