Saturday, March 27, 2010

15 year old models

not people.
You know, the models you put together when you are a 10 year old boy.
Gary had a bunch.
Many of them died in storage.
Some of them survived.
Gary's parents brought them down on one of their visits in the last few months.
Some of them I harvested things off of (like wheels and mini airplanes) I have plans for those.
Gary was going to let Zurich play with them all but I had an idea so I nixed that (besides Models aren't exactly safe toys, as evidenced by a nice scratch on Nev's face and a gnash in my own hand from catching one that dropped).

Zurich especially likes helicopters and there was a large one that was only partially finished. At the time we just put it back in the box with the ones I elected to save.

They were in a box in the storage area off of my studio so Zurich would get bored of "paintin'" and start whining for one of the objects in the box. It was really beginning to be a problem. So I was thrilled when Gary just brought up the box and decided to finish putting together the Apache helicopter that has been unfinished for at least 15 years. I got out my thread and some hooks that I had Gary pick up a few weeks ago. The kids used paintbrushes to dust off the old models while Gary put the last pieces on the Apache.

Gary joked while he put the Apache together that, "I don't have the patience to do this anymore. I'd rather mindlessly watch TV."

Then we hung them all up on the hooks I'd installed. It looks pretty cool... aside from the flying coyote. But Zurich likes his "dog" so it stays. His room, not mine. And for the record, all I did was make the bed for the picture. Zurich is a very careful boy with his beloved toys. They take turns in the place of honor on top of his bed. Zurich loves it and it's fun to watch them fly as the air moves them just enough.

Zurich is actually a very clean (so far) little boy and takes really good care of his toys.
But also for the record, Nev is not so clean. Here's what real life looks like.

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  1. Those look so cool hanging there!! I was totally laughing at the "I'd rather watch mindless t.v." comment. Lol. That's a good one!