Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I don't claim to ski. But Gary does. He loves it. We first took Olea skiing when she was 2.5years of age. She loved it.

I also skied at that time. Since then I have not. I do not thrill in hurling myself down a hill in a semi-uncontrolled manner. However, I am not one to take away the fun for someone else. As you saw, I indulged Gary as he bought ski equipment for the kidlets. It's cute, I admit and I love that my daughter and her father have something that they share. They've gone most Saturdays (Thanks to Alta's Ski Free after 3pm) Olea is really improving quickly and loving it. The highlight of the season I think was when her dad made her ski poles and she got to ski with them the first time.

I've wanted to go for the sake of documentation and pictures. However the idea of litterally chilling at the bottom of the hill with Zurich and Nev does NOT thrill me. But it'd been a bad week. ... does that go together?... anyway so I let Gary convince me to come with him and Olea this last Saturday. I did get some pictures. But lets just say keeping two little ones happy and warm and entertained at the bottom of a ski hill for 2.5 hours is not easy. And having a baby strapped to my chest did make it a bit hard to get pictures when she kept batting at my arm and the camera but here's some of what made the cut.
Gary hauling both kids with the rope tow.

It took Z and I a half an hour to walk from where we dropped of Olea and Gary at the lift to where we sat on the chairs to wait for them. It couldn't have been more than 100 meters but... Zurich is slow and I wasn't going to carry him so we went at his stop and go and whine pace.

swapping out skis so Zurich can give it his first shot. He's two and 3 months. In the picture also is Gary's friend from work who skied with them a bit.

He didn't get the idea of leaning forward at all... but when he was done with his one little run I asked him if it was fun and he emphatically said, "Ya, fun!" Olea did awesome and is improving so much this year. She loves it and looks forward to going all week.

After we ate at Chuck-a-Rama with coupons the kids had earned from Summer reading.

Was it worth it? Always. It's the best to see my family doing what they love and being able to spend time together.


  1. olea on those skis is the greatest thing ever.
    adorable, cold, but adorable. :)

  2. I just went snowboarding for the first time last month and loved it. I can't wait to take Kaizer, How old was Olea when you started teaching her. WE aren't quite sure if he will be ready next year. Anyhow they are really cute pics your kids are all getting big. It's crazy how fast time goes by! Hope y'all are doing good!!!