Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot pots: It was Really windy

I wasn't going to say anything on this post. But I can't help it.
I had a bad day. Gary had spent it skiing with Uncle Eric and he gets on a high when he does fun stuff and he calls and says, "hey, lets go to the hot pots with Eric and Kendra."

My brain is thinking, "high winds, babies, getting wet in semi warm water... more high winds on wet bodies. Sounds like a blast. Gathering all the necessary swim wear, towels, diapers, jammies for after feeding kids dinner and meeting everyone there on time..." and some other things....
But all told, we went.
It was very windy. Only mildly cold outside.
But it's an adventure.
A memory.
So thanks for that.

And for the record: It was HOT water. Not warm. And once Zurich decided he liked it he was all over the place and loving it, no fear. Olea had no problem with it of course and Nev handled it like she does all new things, a little whimper and then just quiet fascination, at every change of hands.And the kids did pretty well changing into jammies after getting out. It wasn't as big a hassle as I thought. It was cool. I'm glad we went so thanks Kendra and Eric for sharing that with us, and helping us juggle the little ones.

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