Thursday, March 4, 2010

Raining Elephants

Today Olea and I were reading one of her books for school. It had a blank spot for what a baby elephant was called. I didn't know so I asked her if she wanted to know. We both made a guess. And Olea, who is all about patterns must have picked up on the book's pattern because she guessed right. A baby elephant is called a calf. Now you know.

It rained today and Olea has been begging me to go play in the rain. We've done it a few times and well it's just fun. If you haven't done it with your kids, DO. Obviously, choose a rain storm minus lightening. Today I hurried the kids to get pants changed and down stairs ASAP. Olea kept asking "Why?" "are we going somewhere?" and quite frankly, she doesn't always have to know what is going on. She needs to just be obedient. After all her questions and slow movement, we missed the rain. So over lunch she prayed that it would rain again so she could go play in it. So 3 hours later when it started to rain/sleet I rushed them out before it stopped.
Can't let an answered prayer go unappreciated.

They really enjoyed how wild the slide was (that's why they needed pants they could throw in the laundry when they were done).


  1. I love the slide pics. those are so fun!!!

  2. I haven't played in the rain in years and I've yet to do it with my kids. I'll have to add that to my list of fun things to do.