Sunday, March 28, 2010

No Weggies Here!

When teaching a young child to ski. There are a few things that come in handy. One is called an Edgy-wedgie.

Olea has used one on her skis since she started. It was good.
But she skis quite well now. So this time Gary convinced her to give it a go without the Edgy-wedgie.
She did awesome.

This time I stayed home and Tatted, did laundry, played with the kids and cleaned the kitchen to get ready to bottle some jam when Gary got back from skiing. So Gary took our little Lumix camera with him to get some pics.

One regret: Olea and Gary did their last run down in 6minutes becuase they were trying to get to the lift before it closed... they were in line everything was good. Gary had plans to ask someone to take some pics of him and Olea together.... but alas... The lift closed on their last run two seats before them because some fabulous people fell down. So that may have been their last run down of the season. At least Olea did awesome!
A lil video for your viewing pleasure... or at least for Grandparents' pleasure. She's got good control and can even stop (this is cool to me, who would have crashed into those people). Gary is of course skiing while he is taking the video, so there is some movement.

A good day skiing!

And finally after over 6 months. We finally got around to making jam out of those Apricots. Thank you freezer. Thank you Cyndi, Thank you Derolene, Thank you Pedroza's. Three batches of Apricot Jam. Beautiful is it not?!

Best part is we can reclaim the space the jars were taking up in the cupboard and the apricots in the freezer and we get to eat the yummy jam. If you were thanked you will probably get a jar too.


  1. wow! she's AWESOME. i am so impressed!

  2. It is so cute to see such a little girl controlling the skis. Impressive!! The jam also looks impressive. ;)

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  4. I wish my parents took me skiing when I was younger... I'm 19 now and scared to death of skiing! I refuse to learn how because I'm scared of getting hurt. Somehow I was a lot more durable as a child, hehe. :]

  5. Okay, I see the skiing and I see the jam...but where's the tatting! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by and joining in my blogoversary giveaway! To answer your question, yes, the thread will come in one of those plastic thread holders like last year!
    Good luck to you!
    ~TattingChic ♥