Thursday, April 15, 2010

Animae and love

I have to share here, because I'm all excited about it and can't share it with Gary, yet.
(And he doesn't read the blog due to sheer disinterest in the computer after work is over, and he has a job where he doesn't have time to blog surf... I think most people have jobs like this, they probably just don't respect it.)

Every year I make a book for our anniversary about the past year. This year we are number 7. One of my favorite sections in the book is "stupid things we say" appropriatly titled with one of the year's best quotes. Every year as things we say make us giggle I run for my palm to jot it down and then as April comes I start typing all those notes up. There are so many priceless, disgusting, hilarious things in this complilation.

Gary has a lot of nicknames, because I have maintained the idea that "Gary" is an old man's name, and he is not yet an old man. However, most of his nicknames, are not particularly masculine... but he loves me because he responds to them and appreciates them. While getting ready for bed one night I called him by one such nickname, "Gershie" to which he said, "That's cute, is that my Animae name?" So of course I start thinking that his own animae character would be a funny thing. Like Homestar Runner and Strong Bad and Japaneese cartoons.
Watch it.
So I looked around for Character creators online. But most of them weren't the style I was looking for, or were just simple dress up, or female. So then I found this little tutorial and tried my hand at drawing my own. I had fun, and even for animae their eyes are probably too far apart or something, but for a quick sketch it suits my purpose and was fun. If I have time (which I probably won't) an action pose would be awesome, but I doubt I will get to anything extra on this year's book. Time is winding down fast and I have more children to care for this time around.
So here's my first go around on Gershie and Deeds, Animae characters.

And ya, I used some copy and paste on photoshop to save time, I drew all the components and pieced them together. I'm sure they suck compared to real animae artists, but hey, it was fun.

Today as Gary emptied out his lunch pail and found a note I had put in late last night that he had missed during the day he pointed to it and said, "That's how I know we'll always be together, becuase you never forget." Not to put notes in his lunch, but that we are in love.
Decide everyday to be in love.

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  1. Coretta, the last of your post made me cry. That's how it is huh, deciding every day! Thanks for being such an awesome person.