Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter at Grandma's... and Pappa's too

Each child calls the grandparents home by the grandparent they adhere to best. Zurich, we learn was thrilled to go to Pappa's and Olea wrote a book about going to Grandma's. Which she gave to Grandma, but being the mother I am I took pictures of the pages first. She worked really hard on it.

We spent Easter there this year and driving in we were greeted on the last mile with slushy snow drifting across the road and loosing traction a little. We spent the time listening and watching to confrence while also trying to keep the kids entertained. In between sessions we filled the time well with egg dying and I got to play on a new Cricut machine. :) Thank you, Mom.

Gary and his dad reloaded bullets and we also got to go shoot guns. Sunday afternoon it dried up enough to go out and have an egg hunt though it wasn't particularly warm. My three ended up being the only kids... and there we a lot of eggs.

We also got to make shirts for the girls and then Heidi and I decided we like them and made some for ourselves too. We never got a pic of the two of us.... but here's the big shirt on Olea

Thanks for an awesome weekend. Can't wait to do it again! ;)

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