Friday, April 2, 2010

Plans, processes and right now

Kids have such a hard time understanding time. Yesterday, tomorrow, now, a minute, 4 hours, 6 days.
So when we say we are going to Grandma's house and we stop to eat at a restaurant because Grandma lives hours away and Olea throws a fit because we have already stopped twice on our "way to Grandma's house" it's really understandable. However, that doesn't negate the fact that she was freaking out so hugely and saying things that if you could understand her, you would think we were kidnapping her.... Thankfully we were saved the embarrassment of explaining that to the cops. But we sure got a lot of suspicious looks.
And thankfully Olea is at least old enough to understand now that there are things that need to be done "on the way" to Grandma's house.

Now, Zurich is at the age where he is learning. He knows we are going to Pappa's house. Sometime. So when it was time to get out of the van this morning to go back in the house... he wasn't having it. "Go to Pappa's house! Ride TRAIN!" I promise son we will go to Pappa's house, but there are things that need doing first. Thankfully this fit happened in our garage and I vacuumed out the van while he decided to come in. Which he didn't until the lights started shutting off on us.

I just hope when we do go to Pappa's and we stop to eat that we don't have another breakdown... but lets face it. We probably will.

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