Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Adventures of Bedrest

I have been on bedrest for 3 weeks now. It's been an interesting thing since I have three children. I've had lots of help, but still there are some days that things just don't work out and somethings that only Mom can do. There have been lots of adventures... call it what you will, things that happen just because I'm not active or whatever.

What follows is a picture collection and maybe some explanation of some of things that have transpired as I have sat back, strike that, laid there and watched.

Zurich and Nev play in the jungle next to my bed.

This time they were taking a "nap in their jungle bed."

The other night as I laid on the couch Zurich started jumping off the other couch... I had the camera and let him have his fun. Olea joined in too. Nev did, but she's not ambitious enough to jump but placed the pillow and then slid down it.

While Olea and I worked on homework, Zurich and Nev drew in and ripped up our brand new set of phone books

While Gary worked at home next to me in bed, Zurich was awfully quiet... when Gary went to check on him I heard the comment, "oh, Zurich, this is the real stuff..." and I started looking up on the internet how to get fingernail polish out of carpet. For the record, in our case alcohol worked best. I didn't get a picture of the carpet because that is one of the things I jumped out of bed to help Gary with. But here is the little boy who tried to paint his FEET with his sister's blue nail polish. For what he was trying to accomplish it is a miracle that there was as little on the carpet as there was. Blessed.

Nev and Zurich are "goin' to school, Mom, Love you bye!"

May I have this Dance?

There have been lots of:

Dragon fights

Rock concerts

Monster truck Rallys

and lots of giggles....here is one:

and she goes back for more.

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