Monday, January 3, 2011

Family Ceramics

Back in the day... like in November. :)
I bought some clay
for FHE I tried to teach some basic hand-build techniques

Nev tried to eat the clay.

some of the work from that evening
Then we let it dry for 2 weeks.
Bone Dry clay before fire:

My hand build is sore out of practice, plus I was trying to teach and keep the younger ones from eating the clay and what not.

Fire, we also added a small cup my mom threw at a local art on the lawn thing.

Glazed pieces with some large plates that I did the clear coat on (which is pink)
Then Olea helped me Food grade Clear Glaze the pieces

Fire one last time.... oooh lala

Most of the pieces have a found a purpose
Olea's is a q-tip holder in her bathroom
Zurich's is a snack cup

My cup sits next to the kitchen sink for water.
Gary's two dishes hold Tatties downstairs and my keys on the bar.
My lil pink dish holds Tatties upstairs.

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