Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's your flavor baby?

Every pregnancy is different.
Surprise, surprise
Here is something fun I have experienced with my pregnancies:
Each child's resulting personality can be connected, attributed, compared with what I craved most often while pregnant with them.

I'll return to that here in a minute, first let me show you what Gary got for me last time he was in Florida.

Ya folks, I ain't baking with it. It sits in my fridge and I take a swig of it as needed like a stowaway bottle of whiskey.

So what child is what? If you don't know them personally go ahead and try to figure out the food/ personality connection on your own. It may not make any sense to anyone but me. It's not a scientifically tested theory after all. :)

Olea: tortilla chips and salsa

Zurich: peanut butter and honey sandwiches

Genève: tomato sandwiches

And this baby boy: key lime juice

....hmmm what does that mean for his personality?

Who knows really? I'm just trying to make the little bottle I have last till Gary (hopefully) brings home another one from his next trip.

1 comment:

  1. Key Lime Juice?! What a fantastic idea! lucky you're headed that way in a few short months!

    My guesses (as to your cravings that correspond to your children's personalities. Remember that I really don't know them, other than through your bloggy blog):

    Olea: likes to party it up (like unto a fiesta!)

    Zurich: sweet like a PBH sandwich!

    Nev: umm...I'm trying to come up with a personality trait that could be associated with tomato sandwiches. Umm...she likes to play in the dirt? :)

    #4: He'll have a zippy personality. Yep, that's my guess!