Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Follow the Instructions

For Christmas the kids each got a mini set of Lincoln Logs in their stockings (or rather boots, since we embrace that aspect of my German heritage). A few days after Christmas my husband and I realized that our children didn't understand the concept and workings of Lincoln Logs.

For FHE while I laid on the couch re-stacking Nev's Lincoln Logs to keep her from destroying the lesson in process, Gary attempted to teach the older two the importance of following directions and instructions etc. using the Lincoln Logs as an object lesson.

He's always so creative that way. The kids really enjoyed it and quite frankly it made a lot of sense and has been a concept they remember even after the fun. I realized this when Olea and I were talking about being obedient almost a week later and she commented it was like following the instructions, and commandments that Heavenly Father has given us, so we can be happy.
I'll count that one as a successful FHE.

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